McGee & Partners was founded with a genuine ambition: to help build our nation’s creative economy by inspiring and empowering small businesses to succeed.

Our mission is to level the business and financial acumen playing field, freeing creative companies to focus on innovation and compete on their originality — in the most profitable way!

How we do it

We specialise in bringing your creative workflow, financial and performance management systems together, so they work hard for you.

Whether we’re undertaking a performance review of your agency or training your staff, you’ll enjoy simple, clear guidance informed
by nearly 20 years helping creative businesses of every size to close their profit gaps.

What success looks & feels like

Life changes when you can capture the real-time, accurate data you want, and then use it to measure performance, manage your business and predict the future. The sun comes out. You sleep at night. And numbers suddenly aren’t as boring – or frightening – as you thought. Because now you’re making brilliantly informed business decisions and you’re more profitable than you ever imagined.

And when you’re an expert on your own business – you’re a roaring success.


Australia boasts an incredibly rich and diverse array of creative entrepreneurs and talent. In fact, there’s compelling evidence pointing to the growing role creative services play in our nation’s economy.

Amid all this innovation and start-up hype sits the sobering statistic that more than half of small businesses fail in their first three years of trading, mainly due to poor strategic management, inadequate cash flow or high cash use. While we wish we could wave a wand over the past, McGee & Partners was born to change the future by building our nation’s creative economy, helping businesses to help themselves and setting them up with the tools to succeed.

It was creative systems and business expert Michael McGee who picked up the gauntlet and founded McGee & Partners in collaboration with leading industry experts and the backing of world-class business workflow, financial and prediction systems.

Today, McGee & Partners’ pioneering work transforms the innermost workings and profitability of all types and sizes of creative businesses through its consulting and advisory services, virtual training and peak industry body workshops.

There is no pillow so soft as peace of mind.

We help your business to help itself.


Inhale confidence. Exhale doubt. Repeat.
Set up your agency systems for business success.

Worldly wisdom

Our decades of knowledge and industry-leading expertise empower creative entrepreneurs to implement integrated workflow, financial and performance systems that ensure profitability and take the guesswork out of running a business.

Thought-action leadership

We want the creative industry to lead the way in small business success. Whether we’re guiding creative businesses to help themselves, or training through workshops – our advice, resources and ideas are actionable and transformational.

Integrity & trust

We work with creative companies of every type and size. Each entrusts us with their innermost workings and vision, so we hold ourselves to the highest moral principles and ethical standards, ensuring actions always match our words.

Empathy & compassion

We know the things that keep you up at night. We’ve genuinely helped hundreds of creative businesses over the past 20 years, so we know the common challenges you face and what to do to move you forward.

Care & encouragement

We’re only successful if you are and we know that path to success can be a simple, short and straight one, or long and windy as hell. Whatever yours looks like, we guide you through it with rock-solid advice and a touch of much-needed humour.


The creative industry of today is unlike that of yesterday and tomorrow. We value the big picture and provide relevant solutions that future-proof creative businesses using tech and automation equally committed to evolving.


Michael McGee

Founder & Managing Partner

McGee is an expert in Business Consulting, Process Mapping, Facilitation, Systems Implementation, Change Management, and Management Accounting in the creative industry, working with Design, Digital, Marketing, PR agencies and Architects for over 15 years.

Greg Leather


Brett Hogan


Matthew Hogan

Creative Advisor


We were founded with a genuine ambition: to help build our nation’s creative economy by inspiring and empowering agencies and individuals to succeed.

Blair Enns
Win Without Pitching

Michael is an astute financial consultant to creative firms and a valuable Win Without Pitching partner in Australia.

Graham Hardy

Mick has worked with us in several capacities over the past 10 years and has provided excellent financial support and advice.

Lisa Kellar
L+L Design

Working with Mick showed me how I could stop working in my business and start working on it. Also allowing me to enjoy less hours in the office and keep the business profitable.

Tessa Pacitti
APR Creative

Unlike other financial consultants we have used in the past Michael’s in depth understanding of how a creative business operates really sets him apart. His insights around the challenges that are unique to our industry set the foundation for the solutions and processes that he implemented for us.