Who is it for?

Creative agencies and individuals looking to understand the state of their businesses. They want to set up or better automate and integrate financial and workflow processes for maximum efficiency. Plus, they need instant visibility of their agency’s financial overview in one place to make informed decisions.

What’s involved?

An informed, informative and informal chat with Australia’s leading business systems experts! We ask the right questions and gain the fast facts we need to make a top-line assessment of:

• how you’re doing (or think you’re doing)
• why you think you need help
• the systems you’re using
• how you’re using them
• the type of data or information you have available
• how up-to-date that information is.


After the consultation, we provide recommendations regarding the depth of analysis required to achieve specific goals. We keep things simple by breaking things down into Level I, Level II and Level III creative agency performance reviews, allowing you to move forward stage by stage.

Explore our services

Inhale confidence. Exhale doubt. Repeat.
Set up your agency systems for business success.

Virtual training programs

Virtual training programs

Master your business systems set up and integration. Learn how with our 4-week virtual training course.

Creative agency performance reviews

Creative agency performance reviews

Three levels of agency reviews to understand the state of your financial and operations performance.

Peak Body Workshops & Events

Peak Body Workshops & Events

Profitability 101 – the creative industry’s most practical tips and advice on how to increase profitability – it’s easier than you think!

Detox your numbers

Seriously healthy advice
for creative business success.


We were founded with a genuine ambition: to help build our nation’s creative economy by inspiring and empowering agencies and individuals to succeed.

Blair Enns
Win Without Pitching

Michael is an astute financial consultant to creative firms and a valuable Win Without Pitching partner in Australia.

Graham Hardy

Mick has worked with us in several capacities over the past 10 years and has provided excellent financial support and advice.

Lisa Kellar
L+L Design

Working with Mick showed me how I could stop working in my business and start working on it. Also allowing me to enjoy less hours in the office and keep the business profitable.

Tessa Pacitti
APR Creative

Unlike other financial consultants we have used in the past Michael’s in depth understanding of how a creative business operates really sets him apart. His insights around the challenges that are unique to our industry set the foundation for the solutions and processes that he implemented for us.