Our three levels of performance reviews give you the facts, figures and advice needed to set up/improve and personalise your financial and operations automation. With more time in hand, you can concentrate on creativity while keeping an eye on the important numbers to make better informed, timely and more profitable business decisions.

The depth of the review depends on the information and data you can provide us at/after the Discovery consultation.

Level I 
Flyover performance review

All creative agency performance reviews begin with this top-level health check. 99% of small businesses can achieve this level of analysis because we can use completed financials from your quarterly BAS.

Outcomes and benefits

• Expert review of profit and loss and balance sheets
• Top-level financial performance analysis, including net margin, gross margin/extraction rate, effective hourly rate, salary-to-gross-profit ratio, working capital days, current ratio and return on equity
• Operation systems (financial, workflow and business) efficiency analysis
• Profit optimisation recommendations
• Benchmarking of results against creative industry (optional)
• Virtual training recommendations

Level II In-depth performance review

Subject to the approval of our recommendations in the Level I flyover performance review, we roll up our sleeves and get into the nitty-gritty of your everyday operations.

Part of this process includes a key employee perception audit. These are enormously effective water-cooler conversations on steroids in an informal interview environment to check the efficiency of day-to-day operations, systems and processes.

Outcomes and benefits

• Review of your innermost workings, including client and job profitability
• Identification of profit leaks that may affect your overall business profitability
• Efficiency review of physical employee processes against automated ones
• Recommendations to improve process efficiencies and free staff time
• Recommendations to gain the most valuable data from your systems for decision making.
• Virtual training recommendations

Level III Deep-dive client performance review

Sometimes, Level II reviews identify specific client profitability issues. Large and complicated client accounts need ‘spring cleaning’ to understand the effectiveness of your client/agency systems processes – both human and automated.

This level of review goes into the minute details to understand client return on actual hours with recommendations on how to increase client profitability.

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Discovery consultation

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Virtual training programs

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We were founded with a genuine ambition: to help build our nation’s creative economy by inspiring and empowering agencies and individuals to succeed.

Blair Enns
Win Without Pitching

Michael is an astute financial consultant to creative firms and a valuable Win Without Pitching partner in Australia.

Graham Hardy

Mick has worked with us in several capacities over the past 10 years and has provided excellent financial support and advice.

Lisa Kellar
L+L Design

Working with Mick showed me how I could stop working in my business and start working on it. Also allowing me to enjoy less hours in the office and keep the business profitable.

Tessa Pacitti
APR Creative

Unlike other financial consultants we have used in the past Michael’s in depth understanding of how a creative business operates really sets him apart. His insights around the challenges that are unique to our industry set the foundation for the solutions and processes that he implemented for us.