Futrli – forecasting & visualisation software

Futrli is the ground-breaking all-in-one forecasting and reporting tool for business owners and accountants. It enables you to forecast cash flow, create business plans and build industry-leading KPI dashboards.


Cash flow forecasting, KPI Dashboards, PDF reporting,
Budgeting, Business Planning

Cost of Futrli

$xx + GST per month, depending on the size of your agency or business.
Access our certified advisor discount here.

How Futrli works

Founded in the UK in 2014, Futrli was built to help businesses make better business decisions. It’s seriously good news for small businesses because when correctly set up, it enables you to upload existing budgets, create forecasts from scratch or use historical business trends to quickly and easily generate projections for up to 10 years.

Futrli also enables you to plot and monitor business expansion or model a business start-up, using advanced forecasting methods and more.

We’re fully Futrli certified!

McGee & Partners is Australia and New Zealand’s only certified Futrli advisory. To achieve this, we completed Futrli’s CPD accredited training program for accountants and advisors, covering 26 modules to ensure expert knowledge in functionality and capability.

Futrli and Xero

By connecting with your Xero data, Futrli enables you to create bespoke dashboards and forecasts for your creative business. Once set up, you simply log in and sync to get a comprehensive picture of the important numbers and metrics in your business.

The best news is you have answers to valuable questions at your fingertips that can impact your profitability:

• How is your gross profit tracking year to date versus last year?
• How is it tracking towards your goal or target for this year?
• What about your salary-to-gross-profit ratio?
• Are you spending too much on salaries and resource costs versus your revenue?
• How much cash will I have in three months?
• Do I have enough cash to carry me through the next few months?
• Do I need to tighten overheads?
• Do I need to speed up collections from clients?
• Could I implement a 50% upfront deposit with my customers?

Cost of Futrli

$xx + GST per month, depending on the size of your agency or business.
Access our certified advisor discount here.


We were founded with a genuine ambition: to help build our nation’s creative economy by inspiring and empowering agencies and individuals to succeed.

Blair Enns
Win Without Pitching

Michael is an astute financial consultant to creative firms and a valuable Win Without Pitching partner in Australia.

Graham Hardy

Mick has worked with us in several capacities over the past 10 years and has provided excellent financial support and advice.

Lisa Kellar
L+L Design

Working with Mick showed me how I could stop working in my business and start working on it. Also allowing me to enjoy less hours in the office and keep the business profitable.

Tessa Pacitti
APR Creative

Unlike other financial consultants we have used in the past Michael’s in depth understanding of how a creative business operates really sets him apart. His insights around the challenges that are unique to our industry set the foundation for the solutions and processes that he implemented for us.